Finally a solution to permanent removal of white, blonde, grey, red and black hair on any area of the body.

Revolutionary new IPL treatments with Anthelia IPL from EFB Beaute (France)

A solution for permanent removal of white, blonde, grey, red and black hair on any area of the body. IPL hair removal is one of the best options for permanent hair reduction. The Anthelia’s design allows customised treatments according to the colour, texture and location of hair growth. This advanced technology allows us to treat a larger spectrum of skin colour.

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Anthelia IPL is the most advanced, patented technology in the world and is therefore also an effective and safe treatment for skin concerns such as fine lines, ageing, acne and pigmentation. This advanced medical technology was designed and developed in France by EFB. It is a safer less painful alternative and it delivers outstanding results.

Intense pulse light therapy for:

  • Hair Reduction
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Pigment Spots
  • Red Vein Treatments

Blush IPL:

Skin rejuvenation, Pigmentation, Vascular and Rosacea

Top Lip$52
Chin and Jaw$72
Half Face$169
Full Face$260
Below Eyes$81

Blush IPL:



White Hair Removal

Lip & Chin$127
In Between Brows$62
Half Face$182
Full Arm$176
Lower Leg$203
Upper Leg$221
Full Leg$382
Back of Thighs$142

Dark Hair Removal

Prices May Vary Due To Area

Lip & Chin$102
In Between Brows$52
Half Face$122
Full Arm$132
Lower Leg$170
Upper Leg$190
Full Leg$310
Back of Thighs$112

Blush Male IPL

Full Chest (includes abdomen)$320
Full Back$320
Half Back$189


What does IPL treat?

Permanent hair removal treating all hair colours.

ALL HAIR COLOURS: Even red, blonde, grey and white. Since these hair colours have no melanin, regular IPL doesn’t work. However, the Adena has a patented hand piece for this type of hair that targets the hemoglobin in the blood instead of the melanin. The area treated is waxed prior, to increase the blood flow for a more successful treatment.
As well as hair reduction the Adena also treats:

  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Pigment spots
  • Red Vein Treatments

How does IPL work on the skin?

IPL systems work on the same basis as lasers in that light energy is absorbed into particular target cells with colour in the skin. The light is converted to heat energy, which causes damage to the targeted cells.

What is IPL skin rejuvenation?

Removing the visible signs of ageing can take years off your appearance giving you a smooth clear healthy skin. A course of IPL treatments is required and excellent long term results are possible with a healthy lifestyle and attention to the proper use of homecare.

What is IPL treatment for red veins?

Redness flushing and damaged capillaries respond very well to IPL treatments. Your therapist will consult with you to establish the best IPL treatment protocols and homecare products to help strengthen your capillaries and improve skin function.

What is IPL treatment for pigmentation?

Pigmentation, freckles, discoloration and sun spots can all be treated effectively with IPL providing the skin with a clear and even complexion. The targeted cells will rise naturally to the surface of the skin and desquamate off, or the damaged cells are dropped into the lymph system. A course of treatments is required and excellent long term results are possible with a healthy lifestyle and specific products to target the pigment producing cells. The daily use of sunblock is necessary.

How does IPL work for hair growth?

In hair removal the machine is set to deliver pulses of Intense Light which penetrate the skin and target either the pigment in dark hair or oxy haemoglobin in light hair. The light heats the hair shaft and follicle which affects hair growth. A series of treatments is required. Your IPL consultant will advise the number and frequency of treatments you require.

Is there any downtime to the treatment?

You may experience slight redness and sensitised skin around the targeted areas. This usually only lasts a couple of hours. You can return to work the same day and resume most activities. The skin must be kept protected from the sun for 6 weeks after treatment and homecare products will be prescribed by your therapist. It is recommended to avoid hot showers and heavy workouts for 24 hours post treatment.

How many IPL treatments will I need?

Hair removal 6-10 treatments
Facial pigment/red veins 4-6
*This differs for individuals depending on hair and skin type*

Where do I start?

Book a complimentary consultation with one of our IPL specialists to assess your skin and hair. An estimate of the required number of treatments and instructions for pre and post procedure will be provided. All our Permanent Hair Reduction treatments are performed by qualified beauty therapists, certified and experienced IPL Technicians.*Pricing differs for each treatment


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